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Peterborough Rural crime and information update – 1st to 31st March 2018


Please find enclosed reported crime and incidents of note during the month of February 2018. This report is intended to inform Parish Councils and their communities of issues they should be aware of and will not include incidents such as domestic violence, shoplifting or personal assault for example.


TFMV = Theft from Motor Vehicle            TOMV = Theft of Motor Vehicle        UK = Unknown


Deeping Gate, Etton, Maxey, Northborough


  • High St, Maxey 13/3: TFMV

  • Main Road, Etton 14/3 : TFMV

  • Maxey Rd, Maxey: 31/3 TFMV


    Ailsworth, Castor, Glinton, Marholm, Sutton, Thornhaugh, Wansford, Wittering and Upton


  • Port Lane, Castor 6/3: Theft from garage – two males were seen to take two bikes from a garage and made off in a green pick-up truck.  It is believed that this vehicle is connected to other crimes.  Investigations ongoing.

  • Parker Road, Wittering 6-7/3: Shed burglary – tools taken

  • Parker Road, Wittering 6-7/3: Shed burglary – bikes taken

  • Parker Road, Wittering 6-7/3: Shed burglary – various items

  • Peakirk Road, Glinton 7/3: Criminal damage to dwelling – window frames damages and believed to be a possible attempt burglary

  • Scott’s Road, Glinton 10-11/3: TFMV – index plates stolen

  • Carnegie Road, Wittering 10-17/3: Garage burglary and bikes stolen

  • Milton Ferry 20/3: TFMV – bag stolen from vehicle

  • Splash Lane, Castor 20/3: TFMV – handbag stolen

  • Milton Ferry 20/3: TFMV – two females put their handbags into the boot of their vehicle before walking their dogs.  On return to the vehicle the window had been smashed the bags taken. 

  • Old North Road, Wansford 21/3: Burglary – forced entry to property.  A white 4x4 vehicle was seen in the area at around 1530pm.

  • Lawrence Road, Wittering 27-28/3: TFMV – wheels taken.

  • Mile Drove, Glinton 31/3: TFMV – handbag taken.

  • North Fen Road, Glinton 31/3: TFMV – bag taken.


    Ashton, Bainton, Barnack, Helpston, Pilsgate, Southery Woods and Ufford


  • Bainton Green Road, Ashton 6/3: Theft – items stolen from yard and a white van was seen acting suspiciously the next day, index CE65

  • Barnack Hills & Holes 14/3: TFMV.  Other vehicles were also targeted on the same day.  A blue vehicle was seen at the location with a male and female inside.

  • Wittering Road, Barnack 16/3: TFMV – bag taken from boot

  • West Street, Helpston 17-18/3: Shed burglary and a bike stolen.

  • Stamford Road, Pilsgate 24/3: TFMV – bag stolen

  • Wittering Road, Barnack 27/3: TFMV – bag stolen from boot of vehicle (male and female seen acting suspiciously at the time)

  • Barnack Road, Bainton 27/3: Criminal damage to a vehicle – window smashed and believed offenders were looking for items to steal.

  • Ufford Road, Bainton 27/3: TFMV – index plates stolen.




You will note that we are seeing an increase in thefts from vehicles, especially in the beauty spot areas where people are parking to walk their dogs etc.  Please spread the message – DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE as it is clear that offenders are targeted these areas knowing that people are putting their belongings in the boot of their vehicles. 

If anyone sees any suspicious activity then they should call us immediately via 101 and if you see a crime taking place then dial 999.


Many thanks

Helen O’Driscoll

Crime Reduction Officer



If you would like to contact or sign up to your Neighbourhood Watch Team

Please contact via e-mail:

Or ring Sean Gleeson (chair) on 810977


Scam - fake calls reporting to be from BT



28th March 2018


We have received a number of reports today of groups pretending to be from BT trying to get information out of you and stealing our data.  


How are they doing this?


They will call you advising you of network problems and that they need to install some software in order to fix it.


This software is malicious and will allow them to access the systems.


What should you do?


 Please be vigilant when taking calls and ensure you do the necessary checks with the caller to check their authenticity by asking for their EIN (Engineer Identification Number), and then authenticate it by calling the BT Service Desk on 0131 300 6808.

If they can’t provide it or try to convince you they don’t need to provide it then it’s definitely a scam



Not so good news:  we continue to see reports regarding Courier Fraud.  I sent an email out about this recently and would urge everyone to make sure that they tell family members/friends and even older neighbours, who may not have access to the internet, about this fraud. 

In summary, you are called by someone pretending to be from the Police, your bank or building society and they advise you that there has been fraudulent activity on your bank card.  They will ask you for your PIN details and some personal information to verify who you are.  They may say that bank staff at your bank are involved so you are not to tell anyone otherwise it will compromise their operation.  They will suggest that you hang up and call the number of their bank or police force (provided by them) to reassure you that they are genuine.  They DO NOT disconnect the line and you are still speaking to the fraudster!
Once they have your PIN details they will send a courier (in the form of a taxi or car) to collect your bank card.  The fraudster then has your card and will withdraw cash with it. 
There are many variations of this scam including asking you to go to the bank and withdraw money for them, then that is given to the courier and all forms part of their 'investigation' into the bank clerks etc.  They promise that the money will be returned to you but of course it is never seen again. 


The message is simple - the bank, the Police or your building society will NEVER ask you to verify your personal details or PIN by phone or offer to pick up your card or any cash from you.  Hang up if you get a call asking you for any such details.  If you do decide to call your bank back or the Police to check, then wait five minutes and use the number on the back of a bank card or statement or call 101.  Alternatively, use a different line altogether to make that call.  Never call the numbers they provide.

We really do need to raise awareness of this scam as more and more older people are being targeted and the fraudsters are getting smarter.  This is a national fraud affecting all parts of the country so please do make others aware.

If you have been a victim of this or any other scam and need advice then do please get in touch with me.
Kind regards
Helen O'Driscoll
Crime Reduction Officer



Date: 16 March 2018 at 13:50:18 GMT

Subject: Suspicious Male - Werrington 16/03/2018 13:50:18 [212075]


Good afternoon
We are receiving reports of a male knocking on doors in the Werrington area - we received 3 reports from Uplands.  The male stated his wife was in Addenbrookes and that he was trying to raise funds to get to visit her.  He was asking to carry out small jobs around the home.
He asked one lady if she would buy his mobile phone.
Male described as white aged in his 40s, clean shaven with short grey hair wearing jeans and a green jacket.

Please do not buy any services at the door and do not allow this male access to your home.  Please call 101 if this male calls at your home and encourage neighbours to do the same.
If you know the identify of this male then please do let us know.

Many thanks
Helen O'Driscoll
Crime Reduction Officer

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