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To Contact for more information or to hire the hall please e-mail or phone Margaret Cave on;

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27 July 2021






Tackling Modern Slavery Near Where You Live


Dear subscriber,

We teamed up with partners yesterday (26 July) to visit dozens of nail bars and hand car washes as part of a day of action to combat modern slavery.

Officers, accompanied by Immigration and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), visited more than 50 sites across the county.

Five arrests were made as a result of the visits, but these were not related to modern slavery. Although no modern slavery arrests were made, the day was still very valuable to capture key intelligence and conduct welfare checks.

Nationally, there have been multiple modern slavery cases linked to nail bars and hand car washes, making them of particular interest to police, Immigration and the GLAA.

Earlier this year we were made aware of a shocking case where a man reported he had been forced to work at a hand car wash for a prolonged period of time. He was locked inside poor accommodation overnight and provided with a small amount of food each day, but did not receive any wages.

The man managed to escape, is being supported by a charity and an investigation into what happened is ongoing.

Although the vast majority of hand car washes and nail bars are legitimate businesses, as this example shows, some exploit workers to maximise profits.

Please report any concerns if you visit one and something doesn’t feel right. We’d rather go and discover everything is legitimate, than have someone trapped in a desperate situation.

Visit our website for more on what to look out for:

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,
Tim Goddard
Communications officer

Message Sent By
Tim Goddard (Police, Communications Officer, Cambridgeshire)


24th June 2021






Covid Vaccine Passport Scam



Dear Paul

We have been made aware of a Covid Vaccine Passport scam email going around that purports to be from the NHS and informs recipients that they can apply for their “Digital Coronavirus Passports”

Clicking on the link within the email, takes you to a convincing but fake NHS website that asks for personal and payment details. (for an admin fee)

The website has since been taken down, but in case similar emails/websites appear can you please circulate the attached alert to your residents, members, groups and mailing lists.

And just to reiterate, your vaccination status is obtained FREE through the NHS App, website or by calling the NHS on 119.

More information can be found on the website;

Please note that any Phishing scams can be reported to  SERS (Suspicious Email Reporting Service):

Best wishes

Neighbourhoood Watch Network is a charity registered in England & Wales, CIO no: 1173349


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The Little Big Book of Scams
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