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To Contact for more information or to hire the hall please e-mail or phone Margaret Cave on;

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Newborough Speedwatch Group

Newborough Parish Magazine article Summer 2019
Newborough Newsletter article 2019.docx
Microsoft Word document [14.2 KB]

Newborough has its own speedwatch group.


We are about road safety and the reduction of speed in our village. At peak times we are a busy village with long straight roads. There are many young children and older residents who regularly cross the road, especially at school times and during school holidays. We have had, a few years ago, a fatality where a youg child was run over. A couple of years ago a school child was run over and injured as they crossed the road after getting off the school bus.

Our focus is to reduce the risk of these events happening again.

  • We are not about speed enforcement or prosecution, more an education and reminder of the speed you are doing. I have to congratulate the vast majority of drivers who regularly obey the speed limit and show the respect that this village and its residents deserve. 
  • We are not about catching people out. We have to operate within strict guidelines from Cambridgeshire Police and are regularly inspected to ensure we comply with them.
  • We are not about reporting drivers who are 1mph over the limit. Again there are strict guidelines we follow and a uniform tolerance is used to allow for discrepances in vehicle speedometers. The equipment we employ uses radar technology, is calibrated and very accurate.
  • We do this voluntarily because we are recognise that speed is one of the biggest contributors to road deaths. 

Please, when you see us out, we are not the enemy. Just think, it might be one of your family or a relative that is involved in a collision. We just want to do our bit to reduce the risk of it happening.

Cambridgeshire Police Speedwatch Newsletters

Speedwatch Newsletter October 2019[4177][...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.3 MB]
Newsletter March 2019
Speedwatch Newsletter March 2019[1997].p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [275.9 KB]

The above newsletter acknolwledges the spin off contribution that Newborough Speedwatch can have.


Recently, during a session we observed a white van acting suspiciously. Three men got out and donned white coats, then proceeded to knock on doors. We enquired with one resident what they wanted. We were told they were Grimsby Fishermen selling fish. As the van they were in was not refridgerated it rang alarm bells. The vehicle details were given to the police. The men were on a county wide scam selling fish unfit for human consumption. Immediately we put on the Newborough Social Media site a warning about these con men and many a resident was saved from being robbed.

The intelligence we supplied helped to get these men arrested and prosecuted.


A success for Speedwatch and not a speeding car involved.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact me at;

I will be happy to talk you through what it involves.

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