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Newborough remembers the fallen 100 years on. Pictures of the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 remembrance service can be found in the recent events page. or follow the link below

A village remembers them

As we approach and pass the 100th anniversary of the ending of the great War we remember the glorious dead from Newborough

"For all our tomorrows they gave their todays"


1914 Percy James Reedman

1915 Harry Lane, George Henry Beasley, Alfred George Lane, David Henry                    Hopkins.

1916 Joseph Walter Sharpe, Frederick William Barnes, John Herbert Sharpe.

1917 William Jeffries, Horice Barlow, Frederick, John Lane, Thomas Henry                    Barnes, Jarvis Jesse Stacey, Langley Lilley, John Hillson, George William              Lane.

1918 Henry Jeffries, Frederick Wright, Robert Cave MM, John William Smith,                Harry Barlow, William Alber Dyson, Harry Woodcock, Charles Wright,

        Walter Sutton, John Barnes.


For more information on these brave men from Newborough who gave their lives in the 1914-18 conflict please click on the document below:



1943 Edward Fisher, Eric Arthur Wilson, Cecil Adams.

1944 Charles wright, George Barratt

1945 Samual Frederick Snart, John Earl.

Newborough role of Honour 1914-1918
Newborough Role of Honour.docx
Microsoft Word document [33.7 KB]
List of men and Women who served during WW1
List of Newborough and Borough Fen Men a[...]
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Police support Newborough Speedwatch during Operation Abigail.

During a county wide intiative to improve road safety the police made an appearance during a speedwatch session on Thorney Road on Friday 2nd November. They had cause to pull over several motorists for exceeding the speed limit. It was pleasing for all involved to have this level of support. We took the oportunity to compare the speedwatch equipment with the police radar gun and I am pleased to confirm that our equipment is extremely accurate. The speedwatch equipment for Newborough was donated to the village by Anglian Water.


Village show report and pictures on recent events page and 2018 village show or follow the link below;

2018 Village show report

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