Newborough Days Gone BY

Newborough Days gone by

The series of photographs that will appear below are curtesy of Robin Goodliffe. I hope you all enjoy them and my grateful thanks goes to Robin for sharing them with us.

The village hall as first built in 1907 by the Newborough friendly society, I don't know when the extension was added, probably in the 50's or early 60's I'm sure it was there when I used to go as a small child to Cub Scouts and the "Sunshine Corner" meetings, which was a Christian group for children a bit like a Sunday school but held every Wednesday evening and run by a woman called Joy. Blimey that has tested my memory. 


The picture of the Bull Inn I can only guess from around 1900 give or take a few years, looking at the clothes worn and the dirt track that is Guntons Road with a flock off sheep outside the Crown being driven up the road. Of course I don't think it was called the bull back then but the sign is not clear enough to read. Still It's a fantastic photo which I  scanned a few years ago.



Robin Goodliffe


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