Newborough Days Gone By

Newborough Days gone by

The series of photographs that will appear below are curtesy of Robin Goodliffe. I hope you all enjoy them and my grateful thanks goes to Robin for sharing them with us.

The village hall as first built in 1907 by the Newborough friendly society, I don't know when the extension was added, probably in the 50's or early 60's I'm sure it was there when I used to go as a small child to Cub Scouts and the "Sunshine Corner" meetings, which was a Christian group for children a bit like a Sunday school but held every Wednesday evening and run by a woman called Joy. Blimey that has tested my memory. 


The picture of the Bull Inn I can only guess from around 1900 give or take a few years, looking at the clothes worn and the dirt track that is Guntons Road with a flock off sheep outside the Crown being driven up the road. Of course I don't think it was called the bull back then but the sign is not clear enough to read. Still It's a fantastic photo which I  scanned a few years ago.



Robin Goodliffe


Thanks again to Robin Goodliffe for another series of photos of Newborough. 

Thanks for these pictures goes to Keith browning who posted them on facebook.

"The Red cow at Milking Nook near Newborough was run by the Browning Family for many years That is my Grandfather outside and on the other pics ,The pub later became the Decoy!"

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