2017 Newborough Street Party 23rd July

Hi Charlotte

Well done for organising a fantastic event. I am so glad the weather stayed favourable for you. What was the purpose of the street party?

The purpose of holding the street party was to Build Community Spirit, Break Down Barriers and to Support and Strengthen our Local Community.

What inspired you to get involved and organise the event?

The idea came from over one week me having various conversations about community sprit being missing from Newborough, the Husband of Jo Cox asking community's to come together on or around the anniversary of her death and a conversation that went on Facebook after the February Parish Council meeting which all gave me the idea we needed to be cheered up. 

Who helped you (inside the village and out)?

The actual day was my idea, helped to come together by Wendy Sayer. In the process of organising the event Newborough Parish Council and Print Solutions. 

On the day we were supported by the following: 

Steve Allen for being the compere today.

Richard and Joyce Brown.

James Edmonds and his friend, Chiara and Anissa for their fantastic performances.

The Young Farmers for lending us their tug of war rope and for Darren Scott for organising the matches!

The Bull Pub and their staff.

Kirsty Carlin for painting everyones nails!

Isobell Adams for baking the lovely cupcakes and providing the frosting and decorations for the cupcake competition. Rev Hurst for judging them!

Mark Lucas and Kevin Sayer for organising the road barriers and to Mark for providing the cricket games.

Megan Sayer for the netball shootout- Chiara was the winner!

FONS for lending us their games and Kirsty Meadows for helping. 

Dawn Clipston for arranging the road closures and signs.

Tammy Scott for last minute help with the games.

The Crepe Cabin and Franks Ices. 

Judith Jacobs for lending us the lovely bunting. 


But the biggest thank you goes to the residents of Newborough for coming out and supporting this wonderful event.

There has been lots of wonderfully kind comments on our Facebook page about how much people enjoyed the event and would love it to become an annual event. One gentleman said in the 44 years in had lived in Newborough there had never been anything like it and how much he was enjoying himself.


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